RF Level Switch

Manufacturer & Exporter of RF Level Switch & RF type Level Switch. Our product range also comprises of Glass Tube Rotameter, Acrylic Body Rotameter and Bypass Rotameter.


We specialize in manufacturing a wide range of RF Type Level Switch that vary from simple, single point, low cost level to specialized & complex level. The RF Level switch operates on the basis of RF absorption. The electronic unit generates a sinusoidal wave, applied to the electrode creating a field around it.

Design Considerations:

RF Type Level Sensors Switch have been designed taking into consideration characteristics and behavior of materials like Solids (in their granular from), Slurries and Liquids. Few important conditions are given below:



  • Most materials have a common tendency to accumulate and coat over anything in contact like walls or any other part that protrudes inside the vessel. That happens by natural phenomena and can not be avoided completely.
  • The Level Sensor must be unaffected by coating and accumulation of material on the sensing element or on side walls.


RF Design:

  • RF Principle based Level Sensors have been designed based on the considerations discussed and various other aspects.
  • Flow star RF Level Sensors are highly reliable for use with materials that are conductive or non conductive, granular or slurries, fines to large particles and contaminated or pure liquids at varying temperatures and pressures.



  • Flow star RF Level Switch series FERF 200 comprises of two parts, namely a Sensing Probe and an Electronic controller.
  • The Sensing Probe has two parts, active section and shield section insulated from each other as shown in the diagram.
  • A dust proof Probe Head is provided to cover the terminals of the Rf signal cable. Meaning hereby, the Probe contains no electronics or any other sensitive element.
  • The Electronic Controller separately housed in dust proof enclosure designed for outdoor duty and mounted at a convenient location. It contains the entire electronics, etc. and is connected through a coaxial cable to the Sensing Probe.



  • Flow star RF Level Switch Series FERF200 Models work on Rf Principle. Independent but identical low power RF signals equal in frequency, phase, amplitude and wave shape generated in the Electronic Controller are provided to active and shield sections of the Sensing Probe, whereas, the reference ground of electronics is connected to the vessel shell
  • The signal provided to the shield section is maintained constant by use of a compensating circuit in the Electronic Controller while the signal applied to the active section varies with change of media between probe and the vessel shell/wall

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