Oil Consumption Meter Liten

We are offering a wide range of Oil Consumption Meter Liten. It is widely used in flux measurement in industrial field such as oil development, oil refining, oil storage, chemical, commerce etc. Oil Flow Meters can be installed in the pipeline and would totalistic the flow of oil flowing through the line.


Oil Consumption Meter liquid meter is the solution for accurate measurement of industrial fluids. Employing calibrated three pistons that will not allow any by-pass, thus accurately measuring and recording each & every liter precisely of any kind of non-corrosive oil / liquid.

Design Operation:


  • Every revolution of the Nutating Disc isolates a fixed volume of liquid and the motion is transmitted to the totalizing through a sturdy Gear chain
  • The nutating Disc principal is universally proven and the design advantage facilities heavy duty industrial applications
  • The rolling action of the disc causes low head loss in the FLOW OF THE liquid making the meter deliver with equal efficiency on gravity head, on suction side or on delivery side of pump


Special Calibration:

Liten Meters can be specially calibrated on media to be measured. Calibration certificated providing results can be issued in favor of the user, at an extra charge



Liten Meters are made of the finest material & are guaranteed against defect in material and work-ship for a period of one year. Defective parts, will be replaced free of charge and meter put to working order




Material of Construction
Component Material Used
Casting ( Top & Bottom) Cast Iron
Chamber ( Top & Bottom) Brass
Nutating Disc Aluminum/Graphite
Diaphragm Brass
Gear Train Brass
Register Cover Aluminum
Gland Brass
Calibration Gear Brass
Pins, Pivots, Spindles Stainless Steel
Performance Parameters
Accuracy +/- 1.5%e
Temperature 70° C
Pressure 10kg/cm²

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