Metal Tube Rotameter

Manufacturer & Exporter of Metal Tube Rotameter. Our product range also comprises of Glass Tube Rotameter, Acrylic Body Rotameter and Bypass Rotameter.


With our expertise, we are able to put forth a wide range of Metal Tube Rota Meter, which is perfect for applications of high pressure, temperature and corrosive conditions. The differential pressure across the annulus area is constant and the flow rate is measured as a function of the annulus area created by float position.

Operating principles :


  • The essential Working part is a tapered tube with an embedded magnetic float
  • When flow occurs, the position of the float responds to flow driving a follower magnet outside the meter body, with no physical contact the meter works well with liquids gases even at elevated pressure and temperatures.

FSD Series :


  • Dial type read out
  • Straight flow design
  • No bends, no seals, no threaded joints
  • Direct reading scale
  • Compact, economical design
  • Perfect safety

Applications :


  • Process treatment plant manufactures use this meter due to its ease of installation, perfect safety and easy maintenance.
  • It may be used for monitoring flow of De-mineralized Water, Gases, Acid, Salts, Organic Solvents and most petroleum product.
Meter Body SS 316l, SS 316, SS 304 etc
Float SS 316L, SS 316, PTFE etc
Indicator Housing ABS. Optional-Aluminum, SS-304
Temperature Rating 250 C
Pressure Rating 40 Bar
Accuracy +- 2 % Of Full scale
Electronic transmitter with (steam jacket) 4-20m a O/P
Accessories Digital flowrate indicator totaliser
Accessories Hi- Low Flow switch

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