Level Transmitter

With wide expertise in this domain, we have come up with a wide array of Level Transmitter. To ensure the higher level of patron satisfaction, we provide these RF Level Transmitter in accordance to their given specifications. The product helps in easy measurement of liquids in open and huge tanks.


Capacitance Level Transmitter

A Capacitance Level Transmitter is formed between the probe and the vessel wall and the level of the measuring medium rises or falls, capacitance between the probe and vessel wall changes proportionately in a right manner. Our prestigious clients & customers can avail from us a wide range of Capacitance Level Transmitter from us.


Flowstar Series FECTX-100 are capacitance type level transmitters. The probe is based on properties of capacitor. Vessel wall & probe forms two electrodes. If vessel is of non conductive material, the probe will be double rod type. The distance between electrode & surface area of electrodes remain unchanged. The variable is the depth of the material being measured which represents the dielectric constant between two electrodes. Air & vacuum have relative dielectric constant as 1 & that of liquids, it is greater than 1. The capacitance of the capacitor the therefore depends on how much material lies between the probe & vessel wall i.e. whether the probe is covered with or free from material. The capacitor changes with change in level of the material & provides corresponding 4-20 mA DC continuous output

Salient Features:


  • 2 wire system
  • Continuous 4-20 mA DC output
  • Simple low cost & reliable
  • Trouble free operation for conductive / non conductive
  • Liquids, slurries
  • Flameproof IP-65, P-65, IIA IIB, CMRI Certificate housing


Technical Specifications:

  • Probe Length : As per requirement (mx 3 mtr.)
  • Type of Output : 4 to 20 mA DC, 2 wire
  • Accuracy : ±2% F.S.
  • Linearity : ±2%
  • Process Temperature : 250° C max
  • 2 Probe MOC : 30 kg/cm max
  • Power Supply : SS 316 with Teflon coating
  • Power Consumption : 24 V DC, External
  • Response Time : < 6 VA
  • Temperature Coefficient : < 1000 m Sec
  • Process Connections : Flame-proof, [P-65, IIA, IIB, CMRI Certified]
  • Mounting : Flanged/ Threaded
  • Operating Conditions : Top of the tank
  • Optional : Temperature 0 to 55° C/Humidity 5 to 95% non condensing
  • Local Display : 8 x 1 LCD

RF type Level Transmitter

We have with us premium quality Level Transmitters in different sizes and types like RF Type Level Transmitter. The highly accurate instruments are fabricated as per prevailing quality norms and guidelines with the help of extra advanced tools and technology.



FSE's Rf level transmitter series 9550 comprises of two parts. namely a sensing probe and an electronic transmitter the sensing probe has an active section and a shield. And a shield section insulated from each other as shown in the diagram a dust proof prove head is provided to cover the terminals of the Rf signal cable meaning hereby. The probe contains no electronics or any other sensitive element. The electronic transmitter is separately housed in a dust proof enclosure. Designed for outdoor duty. and is mounted nearby at a convenient location. It contains all the electronics. Adjustments and other sensitive elements and is connected through an Rf coaxial cable to the sensing probe.


Technical Specifications:

  • Application: Solids/liquids
  • Process Temp: 0 to 260° C or 600° C
  • Insertion length: 200 mm or up to 40 meter customer specification
  • Process connection: Flange/40 NB socket
  • Ingress protection: IP66
  • Electronic : Remote (no electronic in probe)
  • Cable connection: 2" ET gland
  • Probe head: Cast aluminum
  • Enclosure: Weather proof or flame proof
  • Insulation: PTFE /CERAMIC



  • Range up to 40 meters
  • Solid state, Circuitry
  • Power supply 220/110 VAC or 24V AC/DC
  • Output 4-20 m.A.
  • Display indication (optional)
  • No recalibration
  • Set point 2 or 4 Nos. SPDT 3 Amp
  • Cable (remote for probe) 100 feet (max.)



  • Available with controller/li>
  • Used for continuous measurement
  • Ideal for colorless, corrosive or toxic liquid
  • Adjustable alarm switches (Optional)



  • Material of Construction: SS-304/316/ PP
  • End Connection: Flanged as per requirement
  • Max Temperature


Float & Board Type Level Indicator

The Float & Board Type Level Indicator is attached to a multi strand wire rope, which passes through 2 nos. friction less specially designed pulleys.The Pulleys in turn are connected to a pointer, which moves on a graduated scale by the side of the tank.



  • Clear visibility
  • Clear visibility
  • Less corrosion powder coated finish
  • Easy movement nylon roller pointer glides effortlessly
  • No guide wire specially designed self centering float/Anchor plate optional
  • Non- stretching multi strand wire rope in SS/PP
  • Dust free housing for pulleys - minimizing friction in movement
  • Easy to install, modular design
  • Vapor tight-version for evaporating fluids



Water, Veg oil, LSHS, Molasses, Caustics, Brine, H2SO4 etc. Vapor sealed for Solvent, Hcl, and NH4OH etc


Transparent Level Indicator

Our clients can avail from us a unique range of Transparent Level Indicator. Transparent Level Indicator gauges give an accurate reading of liquid level, clear glass is mounted on the front and back of the gauge. The permits the observer to see not only the level of the liquid, but also its characteristics such as color or the interface between two im miscible liquids in the same system.



  • Type: Transparent
  • Mounting: Side - Side /Top -Bottom
  • C/C Distance: To Mention
  • Visible length/ No. of section: To Mention
  • Service : To Mention
  • Op. pressure kg/Cm2g/temp. C/ Sp Gr: To Mention
  • Hydro test Pressure Kg/Cm2g: 1.5 times of Max Pressure
  • Process Conn. Flange size & rating: To Mention
  • Process Conn. Flange Material: To Mention
  • Material of Construction: Toughened Borosilicate Imported Kinger/Maxos/Indian make
  • Material of Construction: CS/SS 304/SS 316/PP/PTFE
  • Material of Cover Plate: CS to ASTM A-105 (Non whetted parts)
  • Valve Type/Design: Ball Check / Auto Shut -Off
  • Valve Body Material: CS/SS 304/SS 316/PP/PTFE
  • Valve Trim Material: SS 316
  • Vent/Drain connection: ½" NPT (F) with Plug (OR) To Mention
  • Material of bolts & nuts: SS 316 MS, EN-8, SS or to mention
  • Gaskets/seals: CAF, AF 120, PTFE Line are engraved @ each 10 mm
  • Scale: Aluminum / Acrylic / SS Linear marking
  • Least Count: 1 mm, 5 mm & 10 mm or to Mention

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