Industrial Glass Equipments

Shiva Scientific Glass Pvt Ltd, An ISO 9001 Certified Company, is the largest manufacturer and exporter of borosilicate glass process equipment in North India, under the capable and dynamic leadership of Mr. S.P.Nair. Enriched with over a decade long experience in this industry, he has guided the company in successfully pursuing its mission of innovating new products and indigenization of world-class glass equipment.


Our Product Range

Our product range consists of pipeline/column components (upto 600 mm dia), sight glass (MS/SS), glass distillation units upto (300 ltrs), shell & tube heat exchangers (upto 52m²), HCl absorbers, flameproof heating baths/ mantles/ motors/ regulators, stirrers with mechanical seals, PTFE 'O' rings bellows, valves and rotory evaporators.


Customer Satisfaction

Customers' process needs might require a set of parameters (like a high vacuum environment) for delivering the highest efficiency. But just achieving those parameters (like high vacuum) is not enough for their process productivity. It is equally important that the same is maintained. This is only possible if the assembly is designed and assembled in a manner so as to control those factors responsible for the parameter variance (eg, vacuum drop due to air-leakages is kept at the minimum).


Our Experience

Who can do it? Well, one who understands the seriousness of various process parameters (like vacuum and vacuum drop), one who is aware of the international standards, one who is keen and capable to surpass all standards and continuously benchmarks himself against his own achievements time & again and believes that achievement is a dynamic process. Only a specialist who understands the intricacies of process engineering can do the entire above. We at Shiva Scientific fully understand the reason for parameter variance and its consequences in regard to the overall process efficiency and economy. Our quality of manufacturing ensures the control of those process variance (like minimum in-leakage, hence minimum vacuum drop). Customers will get the best conditions for their operations.

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