Bypass Rotameter

Manufacturer & Exporter of Bypass Rotameter. Our product range also comprises of Glass Tube Rotameter, Acrylic Body Rotameter.

By- Pass Rotameter systems are designed for the accurate measurement of fluid rate of flow in pipelines 25 NB in diameter. They accomplished this by providing a bypass flow that is directly proportional to the main flow. Since Rota meter measure bypass flow, not static differential, flow ranges up to 10 to l are possible with these instruments.

System - A complete bypass Rotameter installation consists of the following :

  • Orifice flanges with orifice plate for insertion into the main pipeline
  • Bypass piping with valves and fittings; a range orifice for insertion into the bypass pipeline
  • What ever type Rotameter is considered best suited to a particular application
  • Suitable to measure the Flow in above


Specifications :

  • Type of tapping: Flange, D and D/2, corner
  • Accuracy: +/-2% of full flow
  • Range ability: 7:1 or 5:1
  • 50NB Line
  • Standard ISO 5167
  • Size Design Standard: ISO 5167 or BS/1042
  • BS/1042

Accessories :

  • High & Low Flow switches
  • 4-20 ma Transmitter

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